Peace Formula = Human-Mankind

What have we done
Man can destroy or build or both it’s a matters of choice and needs. Survival needs made us kill animal and plant to eat, fighting for land to live, selling cotton and fur to hide or showing our self. But, it’s always not stopped there.

Now we needs Gas and Oil to run our life, we needs Nuclear Power and Bombs to Rule. We needs Laws to be civilize, we needs Country to defense and offense in the right excuse to occupy others. We needs self fulfillment so we look and experiencing culture and art. We needs of Greater Being so we go to Religion and then Value our self in more higher existence. We need comforts we depends on Technology. We need to knowing we dedicate to Science and Knowledge. We need to Believe then we go to God.

Have we become better.. Have we in the right track.. Have this our aiming for..

We are all different and same in each of us and in all of us. We are all unique in each of us but yet we are all human in whole of us. Regardless of our individual physically and personally characteristic we still share the same characteristic of Human.

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Regardless of our social affiliation we are still the same as social creatures. Regardless of our individual and social identification we are still share the same identity that we are all Human. Regardless of individual believe we still share the same origin that we are all created and born and grow in this world. Regardless of our nationality we still share the same “citizenship” as the people of the world.

Because we needs each other even though we are different. Because difference exist when there are the opposite. Because we are all Human. Human in the top of the iceberg and mountain. Human in the peak of history. Human in the noble position in the world.

Human are/is you and me, they and us, there and here, past and present, future and ancient, east and west, south and north, green and blue, red and white, anger and patience, hate and love, etc..

Respect to its individual and social needs because you share the same also, respect and understand to its differences then you are respect and understand yourself, There are no world without human.

“love others like you love yourself” …. we don’t kill what we love, we sacrifice for love, we do for what we love, we survive for what we love, etc…. Love Human. Love yourself. Love others. Love the Earth

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This all have been wrote many times, I just gather it and rewrote it in simple writing and bring it in consciousness and awareness in daily life, well I hope, at least for me…. 😀

Perkenalkan sy ArchAngel. Sy lulusan HI di IISIP Jakarta. Sebelumnya sy sempat mengenyam bangku kuliah di STF Driyarkara jurusan Filsafat Manusia dan Universitas Sanatha Dharma Jogjakarta jurusan Sastra Inggris, walau di kedua perguruan tinggi tersebut sy keluar kuliah sebelum wisuda. Namun di kedua kampus itu sy menemui banyak 'pelajaran' dan pengalaman baik di kelas kelas kuliah maupun diluar kelas. Sy menyukai filsafat, sastra, dan jg literatur internasional. Okay disini sy mau shares ide dan pemikiran sy dan jg pengamatan sy akan hal hal yg menarik. Cheers, ArchAngel Hope you'll like it and discuss it as relax as you'll would :)

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